MBC taps Du and Telstra for video connectivity

MBC in Dubai has partnered with Du and Telstra, which have teamed up to offer a new video contribution solution.

Du and Telstra will provide MBC with a fully-managed video network service on the Telstra Global Media Network, enabling reliable and high-quality video streaming to Europe.

Du said that through strategic partnerships with video network providers it continues to build on its vision to provide “best-in-class dedicated video services to multiple destinations worldwide”.

“We have designed and engineered the video solution with Du/Telstra based on our experience, to avoid any single point of failure and to have a redundancy across all levels, fibre cables as well as any equipment along the different paths,” said Nader Mokhtar, director of MCR and broadcast technology at MBC.

Du’s enterprise vice-president, Hany Aly, said: “Dedicated video solutions for moving content are gaining traction as they allow higher video rates and flexibility in terms of permanent or occasional use.

“Du is increasingly trusted to distribute live content, because we always ensure our solutions are customised for specific needs to maintain the highest levels of quality. Our distribution network offers quick, simple and reliable access to the widest possible range of distribution options, across multiple platforms.”

Telstra Broadcast Services’ acting head, Andreas Eriksson, added: “We have worked closely with Du to add significant value for MBC with this expansion, as well as enabling the creation and delivery of new services in the future. MBC will benefit from our simple, global and seamless solution for content distribution, allowing them to create new revenue streams in a more efficient and faster way.”

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