Tricolor launches smart home service

Russian pay TV provider Tricolor has launched smart home service that allows its customers to manage a range of smart home devices from their TV screen or from a mobile application on iOS and Android devices.

Tricolor has updated the software on its advanced set-top boxes, provided by its GS Group affiliate, to enable the service.

The smart home offering requires a a control module that is connected directly to the receiver and a set of peripherals. To date, 11 smart elements have been supported including sensors and devices making it possible to find out about water or gas leaks, smoke detection, open door detection and motion detection warning.

According to Tricolor, the system can work locally, without access to the internet. When connected to the network, the customer can make use of additional features such as remote control, receipt of push notifications, and so on.

Starting from February 25, smart home devices have been available for sale in central and southern Russia. By the end of March, smart devices will be available in all regions of the country. The operator will also offer cloud-based video monitoring within a year.

“The modern world is changing very quickly; the number of devices and gadgets around us is increasing. We are convinced that the big screen enables a person to comfortably interact with digital services and opportunities, including the smart home. Owing to Tricolor’s affordable solution price – the control module cost is RUB1,190 – the smart home becomes really affordable,” said Pavel Steshin, director of government relations and external communications at Tricolor.