Slovakia’s JOJ acquires Czech channel provider Československá Filmová Společnost

Slovakian commercial broadcast outfit JOJ Group has agreed the acquisition of 100% control of Czech channel provider Československá Filmová Společnost, which operates channels CS Film, CS Mini, Horor film, War TV and Kinosvět and online video portal

JOJ Group parent company Slovenská Produkčná’s acquisition of Československá Filmová Společnost is conditional on approval by regulator the Czech Radio and Television Broadcasting Council (RRTV).

CS Film, CS Mini, Horor film and War TV are pay TV channels, while Kinosvět is a free-to-air offering. Together the channels have a reach of about 257,000 daily viewers across the Czech Republic. The pay TV services have a technical reach of about 1.8 million viewers while Kinosvět reached 85% of the country’s population.

JOJ will seek to enhance distribution of the channels in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company said it would invest further in the channels.

“With this step, we are realising JOJ Group’s strategy of expanding our portfolio to reach Czech and Slovak audiences. As a professional TV company, we are constantly looking for new projects that bring us not just more business opportunities, but also the satisfaction that comes from reaching ever-larger audiences,” said Marcel Grega, JOJ Group CEO.

“We have been able to build a business over 15 years with a portfolio of TV channels that has found a clear and sustainable place in the market, for which I thank my employees, my partner and our family. We look forward to working with a strategic partner that will support the company in its further growth and I wish the new future owner much success,” said Leoš Pohl, managing director and majority shareholder of Československá Filmová Společnost.

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