TF1 in negotiations for sale of tele-shopping unit

French commercial broadcaster TF1 has entered into exclusive negotiations with former Teleshopping CEO Jérôme Dillard to sell the commercial activities of teleshopping channel Tele-Achat.

The broadcaster said that as the sector was in the midst of a transformation, it had decided to give up operating control of Tele-Achat – encompassing sourcing of products, commercialisation and TV production – to its former CEO, an independent entrepreneur and specialist in teleshopping.

Dillard, former head of M6’s Home Shopping Service as well as TF1’s Teleshopping – from 2010-16 – has submitted an offer to take control of the operations of Tele-Achat and lead its future development, according to the broadcaster.

TF1 has committed to continue distributing tele-shopping broadcasts on its channels for the next five years.

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