Set-top maker Infomir secures injunctions in legal battle with Formuler

A German court has granted injunctions against distributors of Formuler set-top boxes in a case brought by Ukraine-based set-top maker Infomir.

On January 16, the District Court in Bremen, Germany ­– the Landgericht Bremen – granted preliminary injunctions against two distributors selling Formuler set-top boxes in Germany.

Infomir alleged that the Formuler devices, among other things, emulated the MAC addresses of Infomir’s own MAG set-top boxes. The Court prohibited the distributors from selling Formuler and other devices that emulated the MAG boxes.

According to Infomir, the emulation allowed Formuler set-top boxes to exploit Infomir’s Stalker middleware and Ministra TV platform and posed a risk to the normal operation of MAG set-top boxes connected to the same network.

Infomir said it would continue to seek redress through all remedies available to it to protect its rights.

‘The Bremen District Court ruling confirms the importance of the respect for intellectual property and fair dealing in business. We welcome the willingness of the courts to deal with such subtle technological disputes that arise in the European Union,” said Viktor Artiushchenko, Infomir’s commercial director.

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