GFK MRI: half of US viewers watch video with others

Video viewing remains a highly social medium in the US, with almost half of viewing time spent with others, according to GfK MRI.

The research firm’s latest Cord Evolution study claims that Americans watch TV or video in groups for 48% of their total viewing time.

In addition, 49% of all adults – and 60% aged 18-34 – reported co-viewing more often now than they did three years ago.

Some 58% of co-viewing time was found to be spent with a partner, 19% was spent with children, 16% with family members, and 9% with friends.

In terms of TV services used most often when co-viewing, 48% said they co-watch traditional TV services, while 52% co-view streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

However, among 18-34 year-olds, 72% opted for streaming services as their co-viewing medium of choice.

“The social nature of TV viewing continues to drive people to this enjoyable shared experience,” said Amy Hunt, vice-president of TV and video media sales at MRI.

“A lot has been said recently about the introduction of dynamically inserted ads for shows; but this seems to be predicated on the idea of only one target watching. The increase of co-viewing suggests that more ad options will need to be available, to appeal to the widest possible audience range.”

MRI’s Cord Evolution research is based on 24,000 in-person, in-home interviews, asking about “cord intentions” and tracking “cord disruption” – namely the impact of new digital offerings on traditional TV subscriptions and linear viewing behaviour.


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