Iflix and Next 10 launch short-form content Creators Hub

Emerging markets SVOD service, Iflix, has partnered with content creator-focused investment fund, Next 10 Ventures, to launch a short-form video production hub in Southeast Asia.

Craig Galvin

The Iflix Creators Hub will receive US$5 million (€4.4 million) in investment from Iflix as part of a 12-month programme, which will be overseen by Next 10 Ventures.

The Creators Hub will support 30 content creators across Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines, with the search for participants now underway.

Iflix said that it is interested in creators whose work spans comedy, lifestyle, and entertainment content, among other categories of content.

Next 10, which was established earlier this year and is led by YouTube’s former global director of top creator partnerships Benjamin Grubbs, will offer support to the creators as they produce work and grow their careers.

The Iflix Creators Hub will launch in April 2019 with a bootcamp in Bali. Here participants will have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow creators and will receive training on content production, programming and planning.

Iflix and Next 10 also plan to pilot a live event in Jakarta in the second half of 2019 focused on bridging the gap between consumers and the online creator community.

“Given the low penetration of paid TV and mobile-first nature of emerging markets, there is a huge opportunity to reach audiences through authentic, short-form content,” said Craig Galvin, Iflix’s global head of content.

“Since launching Iflix Snacks in April we have seen immense gains in engagement from this category, particularly our local originals. Working with local content creators, we have been consistently inspired and impressed with the level of talent and creativity that exists natively in our markets.

“We are very excited to partner with Next 10 Ventures to invest in, develop and support this and future generations of filmmakers through the Iflix Creators Hub.”

Grubbs, who is CEO of Next 10 Ventures, said: “We’re excited about our partnership with Iflix and are fully aligned with them around a common vision to support the next wave of original content creators.

“We are combining Iflix’s reach and commitment to supporting local storytellers, with our years of experience working with online content creators. This program will bring creators in Southeast Asia a new way to realize their creative vision and set themselves up for a long-lasting career.”

Next 10 Ventures launched earlier this year after securing US$50 million in financing, with Grubbs joined by chief operating officer Paul Condolora, who was previously the global co-head of the Harry Potter franchise at Warner Bros.

The firm has offices in Los Angeles and Singapore and is focused on the creator economy, pursuing partnerships and opportunities in video content and IP creation, eCommerce, and community-based products and services.

Iflix is a subscription video-on-demand service that is currently available to consumers in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Maldives, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Cambodia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Tanzania and Uganda.

Content creators can apply to be part of the Iflix Creators Hub by clicking here.

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