Vodafone Spain launches device ‘between smartphone and wearable’

Vodafone Spain has launched Palm, a new category of digital device the size of a credit card that the company says “combines the best features of connectivity of wearables and smartphones”.

Vodafone said that Palm was the first product in a new ‘ultra-mobile’ category of device.

Vodafone’s OneNumber offering allows subscribers to use Palm with a secondary SIM card, maintaining their phone number and enabling them to share the voice, SMS and data allowances of their current plan between devices.

The company said the device was designed to be a companion device to mobile phones to enable users to remain always connected. It said the credit-card sized device could be mounted on a bicycle, worn like a pendant or carried in a small handbag.

The Android device can be activated via Google’s voice assistant and controlled via touchpad gestures.

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