Insight takes 4K UHD to Universal Windows Platform devices

4K UHD broadcaster and producer Insight TV has made its 4K UHD content available to stream on all Universal Windows Platform (UWP) devices. Insight TV has made its content available to Windows users by creating a Windows Store Application optimised for the latest Intel Core processors, according to the company.

UWP apps are apps that use a common API on all Windows 10 devices and are available from the Microsoft Store on all devices that run on Windows 10.

Insight TV says that its app would deliver an optimum viewing experience on Windows devices.

“We’re really excited to announce the UWP launch date. We have a very strong position in the market with unique, high-quality content that’s attractive to millennials worldwide. By creating this app optimised for the millions of PCs powered by Intel technology, we’re expanding our reach and continuing to provide additional ways for viewers to access our stunningly visual authentic content,” says Graeme Stanley, chief commercial officer of Insight TV.

“Insight TV has a very modern approach to content production and distribution for today’s viewers who want flexibility in how they watch these shows while maintaining the highest quality. By optimising for the 4K UHD support built into the latest Intel Core processors, Insight TV is able to deliver its sophisticated, optimum viewing experience to more people worldwide,” said Jeff Lawrence, general manager and senior executive director of content protection services, software and solutions group at Intel.

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