Sorenson Media launches addressable ad platform for live linear TV

US-based Sorenson Media has launched a targeted advertising platform for linear TV and signed up AMC Networks as the first company to use the real-time ad replacement technology.

Sorenson Addressable lets advertisers target viewers with ads that are dynamically replaced in real-time based on household demographics and interests.

Sorenson partners with smart TV manufacturers to get anonymous data that it can use to dynamically deliver targeted ads – regardless of the viewer’s cable, satellite or telco TV provider.

“In the old world, TV advertisers tried to hit every single TV, but in the world of addressable TV they can focus on hitting the right TVs,” said Pat Nola, CEO of Sorenson Media.

“We’re thrilled to partner with AMC Networks and provide them with an advanced targeting platform that allows for the networks, advertisers and—most importantly—the viewers to all mutually benefit.”

Adam Gaynor, vice president of AMC Network’s sales group, AMCN Agility, said: “Our partnership with Sorenson Media strengthens the power of our popular and culturally-relevant networks, giving advertisers the ability to reach consumers more directly and with greater impact.

“Adding addressability to our suite of advanced TV products furthers our ability to connect brands to their intended consumers.”

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