Parks: 40% of streaming player owners use device daily

Streaming media players are the most frequently used internet-connected entertainment device in the US, with 41% of owners using their players daily or almost daily, according to Parks Associates.

The research firm said that only 34% of smart TV or smart DVR owners in US broadband households use these devices daily.

Its research also indicated that while almost half of US homes own a gaming console, only 37% of these households connect the device to the internet.

“The smart TV is the most commonly used Internet-connected entertainment device, and it is the device most commonly associated with pay TV services, but when looking specifically at device owners, consumers are spending more time online with their streaming media players,” said Kristen Hanich, research analyst, Parks Associates.

“Sixty percent of households that have at least one internet-connected entertainment device own multiple devices – their viewing habits often vary by device as well as by room, with some devices and rooms over-indexing in terms of content type watched.”

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