The Young Turks taps Amagi for YouTube TV channel launch

The Young Turks Network (TYT) tapped Amagi for the launch its linear TV channel and accompanying VOD service on YouTube TV in the US.

Amagi offers cloud-based managed services for TV and OTT networks and TYT used Amagi’s Skylight service for the May launch of the YTY Network on the subscription YouTube TV service.

“In the last 10 months, we are witnessing a meaningful shift among top ‘digital first’ networks such as TYT to move from pure video-on-demand platforms to launch live linear channels on vMVPD platforms,” said Amagi CEO, Deepakjit Singh.

Jack Gerard, chief administrative officer at TYT said: “Launching on YouTube TV is a major milestone for TYT. On the technology end, this was made possible by Amagi with its innovative cloud playout platform and services.”

TYT’s new linear TV channel bridges news and factual entertainment and features live daily programming, popular TV series and documentary films.

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