DNA casts light on Finnish viewing habits

Some 44% of Finns watch TV for at least one hour a day, with 22% spending over two hours a day glued to their screens, according to a digital lifestyle study by cable, telecom and broadcast group DNA.

According to the study, 32% of Finnish viewers reported seeing an increased amount of TV content thanks to the availability of OTT TV services such as Netflix, Viaplay, HBO Nordic, C More, Yle Arena, Ruutu and Katsomo.

A majority of Finns still only own an ordinary standard TV set, with smart TVs present in 38% of homes. Some 80% of homes have a laptop computer, with 60% owning a tablet. DNA reported that its digibox decoder was present in 39% of homes, down slightly year-on-year.

Among other findings of the survey, DNA found that 68% of respondents viewed YouTube at least once a week, with 30% viewing it every day, up from 21% two years ago.

Use of Snapchat has doubled sicne 2016, with 12% of respondents now using it daily. Use of Instagram has increased from 15% to 26%. However daily use of Facebook has dconed from 58% of respondents two years ago to 53% today.

Men were more likely than women to use YouTube, with 38% of men using the video sharing site compared with 22% of women. Women were more likely than men to use Facebook, on the other hand.

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