Deutsche Telekom adds to TV base

Deutsche Telekom added 54,000 TV customers in Germany and 27,000 in the rest of Europe in the quarter to March.

The company had 3.193 million IPTV and satellite customers in Germany at the end of March and 4.271 million IPTV, satellite and cable customers elsewhere in Europe.

In Greece, the operator’s local subsidiary OTE had 526,000 TV customers at the end of the period, up 5.4%. In Romania, Deutsche Telekom’s local unit had 1.464 million TV customers, up 0.5%.

Hungarian unit Magyar Telekom had 1.038 million TV subscribers, up 5.4%. The company’s Czech subsidiary had 47,000 TV customers, having added TV to its service line-up a year earlier. Deutsche Telekom’s Slovakian subsidiary had 570,000 TV subscribers, up 6.4%. In Croatia, T-Hrvatski Telekom had 415,000 TV subscribers, up 1.7%.

Overall, Deutsche Telekom had 13.357 million broadband lines in Germany, up 1.1%, of which 6.232 million were fibre customers. Across Europe outside Germany, the operator had 5.281 million broadband lines.

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