Netia partners with ADB on latest generation gateway

Polish service provider Netia has partnered with video delivery specialist ADB to deploy ADB’s latest generation VV 5822 gateway.

The platform is equipped with ADB’s Epicentro software and is designed to offer high-performance multimedia services and high-speed internet access to individual and business customers.

“Netia offers one of the fastest internet connections in Poland, with download speed up to 900 Mbps. To be able to fully use such parameters, our clients need modern and advanced network devices,” said Bartłomiej Zaremba, director of network development and management department at Netia.

“ADB’s latest generation broadband gateways fully leverage the advantages of our fiber optic FTTB/ETTH networks and guarantee reliable internet and innovative TV services, both via cable and WiFi.”

Jacek Galik, senior vice-president of sales at ADB added: “We are excited to cooperate with Netia and enable individual users as well as small and medium businesses to enjoy best-in-class broadband services across Poland.”

ADB’s VV 5822 gateway series features high-speed networking through 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual radio 802.11ac/n WiFi. It also supports advanced IP-based telephony services.

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