UPC Switzerland takes control of Genthod network

Liberty Global-owned UPC Switzerland has acquired the fibre network in Genthod near Geneva.

The move means that UPC can now offer uniform services throughout the entire municipality. Some 150 active customers who previously purchased their basic connection directly from the municipality of Genthod will start receiving UPC’s offering from next year.

Urs Reinhard

Urs Reinhard

The network in Genthod was already operated by UPC. Customers have also already been informed about the change of ownership.

Urs Reinhard, vice president, strategy and business development at UPC, said: “The acquisition means a significant investment in the future and in the sustainability of our network. We have already been pursuing this approach successfully in Switzerland for many years, and we will also continue along this path in the future, so that we can position UPC as a reliable partner.”

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