FIFA to use HDR and VR for World Cup 2018

FifaFIFA has announced plans to produce all 64 matches of the 2018 Russian World Cup in Ultra High Definition (UHD) with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for the first time.

FIFA said that another new feature for 2018 will allow fans to also follow the matches in virtual reality – both as a live experience and as 360° video-on-demand.

In terms of TV coverage, each match will be covered using 37 cameras – including eight with UHD/HDR and 1080p/SDR dual output, another eight with 1080p/HDR and 1080p/SDR dual output, eight super-slow-motion and two ultra-motion cameras.

“Thanks to a hybrid UHD/HDR/1080p setup multiple choice of video formats will be available (1080i, 1080p or UHD HDR) at the back of one single production chain,” said FIFA in a statement.

“The use of progressive scanning as a baseline production format and HDR will guarantee improved image quality for all Media Rights Licensees, regardless of their delivery format.”

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