AsiaSat 9 arrives at destination

AsiaSat 9 takes off

AsiaSat 9 takes off

Satellite operator AsiaSat’s AsiaSat 9 satellite has arrived at its final destination of 122° East and commenced transmission.

The satellite will stay in position at the orbital slot as a replacement for AsiaSat 4.

The satellite provides multiple C-, Ku- and Ka-band transponders for DTH broadcasting, video distribution, VSAT broadband and mobility services.

Among the new Ku-band beams offered by the satellite is the first to target Myanmar, as well as dedicated beams for Indonesia and Mongolia, two enhanced Ku-band beams serving Australasia and East Asia, and an AsiaPacific-wide C-band footprint.

“I am delighted to report the AsiaSat 9 launch mission has progressed according to plan, and that the efforts of our mission team have come to result in the successful positioning of our largest satellite ever, serving the Asia-Pacific for the next 15 years or more at the key orbital slot of 122° East,” said Andrew Jordan, president and CEO of AsiaSat.

AsiaSat 9 took off from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on-board an ILS Proton rocket on at the end of September.

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