TRT World lands on TVPlayer

Turkish international news channel TRT World has teamed up with UK OTT TV platform TVPlayer to offer its service to UK users.

TVPlayer is now available on the TVPlayer platform across desktop, mobile, tablet, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, in the home and on the go, via wired networks, WiFi, and 3G and 4G mobile. The channel is part of the free to air package on the platform.

TVPlayer incudes over 75 free-to-air and 30 pay TV channels, and has over one million monthly users in the UK.

“We strive to make TRT World available across all media outlets, and our partnership with TVPlayer, UK-based video streaming service will expand the free and open distribution of our content. We will continue to bring the news directly to our audience, wherever they are and in whichever way they prefer to receive it,” said İbrahim Eren, TRT’s new director general and chairman, who was appointed to his post earlier this month.

In May, TRT World extended its reach in the UK via a new deal with Sky that saw both standard and high-definition versions of the channel launch on the Sky platform.

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