Axing takes majority control of DEV Systemtechnik

German cable and satellite equipment provider Axing has taken majority control of technology outfit DEV Systemtechnik, which had become insolvent.

The reorganized DEV Systemtechnik will continue operating from its Friedberg facility, and will focus on delivering products including the Optibrution optical signal transmission line, RF networks for satellite and, for the cable market, the Modulo optical signal transmission system.

Axing and DEV have collaborated for over 10 years, and Axing was closely involved in the development of the Modulo line.

“With the strategic partnership we as DEV Systemtechnik GmbH see this as a great opportunity of making successful business again. We were able to preserve the jobs of 25 employees and with our well thought out business plan we are looking forward to a healthy and positive future,” said the new managing director, co-shareholder, and original founder of DEV Systemtechnik, Jörg Schmidt.

“As a long-standing strategic supplier and development partner of DEV we are looking forward with great anticipation to the cooperation. We especially expect mutual great potentials for synergies in the area of development. There is bundled competence in the RF-sector at Axing AG; this know-how is in the area of optical transmission technologies at DEV Systemtechnik GmbH. Thus, both sides can benefit from each other,” said Johannes Moser, member of the executive board of Axing AG and managing director of DEV Systemtechnik

“We were significantly involved in the development of the majority of the Modulo system modules and thus we know the advantages of the system as well as their marketing opportunities.”

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