AsiaSat’s ‘largest ever’ satellite ready to ship to Baikonur

Asiasat 9Satellite operator AsiaSat’s ‘largest ever satellite’, AsiaSat 9, is ready to be shipped to Baikonur in Kazakhstan ahead of its launch.

AsiaSat said that the satellite had passed its pre-ship review meeting with manufacturer Space Systems Loral and would be shipped as soon as required.

The satellite is a a replacement satellite for AsiaSat 4 at the 122° East orbital slot.

AsiaSat 9 is a SSL 1300E satellite equipped with 28 C-band and 32 Ku-band transponders, and a Ka-band payload.

The satellite will provide enhanced C-band coverage over Asia, Australasia and the Pacific region, as well as customised Ku-band beams for Australasia, East Asia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Mongolia.

AsiaSat 9 will be launched by an ILS Proton Breeze M launch vehicle from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

“We are pleased to achieve this key milestone with our largest-ever satellite ready to be shipped to the Baikonur launch site,” said Andrew Jordan, President and Chief Executive Officer of AsiaSat.

“AsiaSat 9’s additional capacity and high performance coverage will provide the path for our continued growth and ever better service to our customers.”

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