NeuLion adds data analytics capabilities to offering

NeulionOTT TV video specialist NeuLion has launched a new data analytics service as part of its offering.

NeuLion ACE Analytics is now available to customers who have licensed the NeuLion Digital Platform.

According to the company, the ACE Analytics offering can help service provders indentify their most effective and profitable marketing channels and campaigns and their most valuable customers. It can also be used to prevent cancellations and convert customers from free to paid services.

Analytics dashboards offered include customer lifecycle tracking, registration and order management, multiscreen usage, revenue tracking and churn trends, customer support and trial marketing, customer file management, campaign management, video consumption monitoring and a marketing interface.

“NeuLion ACE Analytics provides our customers all the tools needed to uncover intelligence and insights that drive effective OTT business outcomes,” said Roy Reichbach, NeuLion’s president and CEO.

“This newly launched service is a very significant value add for our NeuLion Digital Platform customers, who will get sharper insights and real-time data to stay competitive and grow their OTT businesses.”

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