Eurofins teams up with Samsung for HbbTV testing

Eurofins Digital Testing is to develop an HbbTV Application Test Centre in co-operation with Samsung for testing HbbTV Applications on HbbTV enabled TVs.

Samsung will provide the initial TV platforms for conducting the compatibility tests. These platforms include an enhanced debug mode which allows the gathering of additional data to diagnose issues. Samsung will also assist app developers to run their applications on Samsung TVs.

Eurofins will initially build the Test Centre at its office in Bristol, UK. This Test Centre will take responsibility for testing and validating HbbTV Applications provided by developers to ensure that they conform to the HbbTV specification and function correctly on Samsung devices.

The agreement between Samsung and Eurofins allows for the growth of the Test Centre to include more devices in due course – including those from other manufacturers – to further extend the testing capabilities.

Johan Craeybeckx, Eurofins Digital Testing’s CEO said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Samsung in creating the first independent Test Centre for the testing and verification of HbbTV apps. HbbTV is gaining increasing acceptance with broadcasters around the world and consumers are rapidly engaging with new applications; this new Test Centre gives broadcasters and developers the perfect environment to rigorously test their new applications and ensure their compatibility across a range of platforms prior to their release.”

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