Cyfrowy Polsat to premier popular comedy on Ipla OTT TV service

spadkobiercyPolish pay TV provider Cyfrowy Polsat is to make up to 14 new episodes of high-rated Polish improvised comedy series Spadkobiercy (The Descendants) available on its Ipla OTT TV service ahead of it being aired on linear TV.

The seventh season of the show will be available to Cyfrowy Polsat Go customers as well as Ipla subscribers, Spadkobiercy on PCs, smart TVs, mobile devices and hybrid Cyfrowy Polsat set-top boxes.

The show, created by Dariusz Kamys, features actors who are presented with a scenario just before going on stage. The basic premise is a parody of long-running US soap operas such as Dallas and Dynasty.

Ipla users can watch the show in Poland and internationally via the Ipla website and apps on computers, Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile phones and Samsung, LG and Panasonic smart TVs. Cyfrowy Polsat Go users can watch Spadkobiercy on the service’s website, via selected set-tops and via mobile devices.

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