Latvian internet users turning away from TV

Over a third of Latvian internet subscribers do not take a TV service, rising to an absolute majority among those under 30, according to a survey carried out by cable operator Baltcom.

The Baltcom survey found that 60% of internet subscribers across the country took both TV and broadband, while 15% also took a fixed phone service.

According to the survey, 70% of internet subscribers under the age of 30 took only the internet. Internet service sales far exceed TV service sales in the country.

Baltcom chairman Nicholas Boissin said that consumer’s daily habits were changing along with growth in internet penetration, with more customers only wanting to pay for content they acstually consumed. He said that telecom operators should focus on offering an attractive service and said that Baltcom had focused on investing significantly in developing its internet network.

The same survey found that 88% of the country’s internet users used the service to play games, with a majority playing computer games and about 7% using a game console.

Baltcom surveyed 527 internet users across the country between September 29 and October 6.

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