TV helps Telekom Austria offset falling voice revenue

Telekom Austria TAG_ArsenalBroadband and TV growth in Austria – and in Croatia– helped Telekom Austria partly compensate declining voice revenues in its home market in the third quarter. 

Telekom Austria had 278,700 TV customers in Austria, up from 263,000 at the same point last year, out of a total broadband revenue-generating base of 1.473 million.

In Croatia, where Telekom Austria owns local cable and pay TV operator Vipnet, which in 2015 also acquired smaller operators Amis Croatia and CATV-047, it had 200,500 TV customers, up from 187,200 for the same period last year. Fixed broadband RGUs numbered 227,500.

In Bulgaria, where Telekom Austria acquired local cable operator Blizoo, TV numbers stood at 471,700, up slightly since the end of 2015 and up from 124,100 at the same point last year, prior to the acquisition. Fixed broadband RGUs in Bulgaria numbered 423,800, up from 160,900 prior to the acquisition of Blizoo.

In Macedonia, Telekom Austria’s TV base saw modest quarter-on-quarter declines through the year, taking its total to 123,600.

Telekom Austria had 49,300 TV customers in Slovenia, where it owns cable operator Amis, up from 36,900 in Q315. Fixed broadband subscribers numbered 71,500.

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