CGates launches flexible packages

CGates planStarman Group-owned Lithuanian cable operator CGates has launched flexible channel packages in place of the big basic model it previously offered to TV subscribers.

In place of big basic, CGates is offering nine smaller thematic channel packages, which subscribers can combine and modify on a month-by-month basis. The channel packages encompass films, sports, news, entertainment, factual, kids, Russian and world channels, with a package of Lithuanian channels offered free to all.

According to commercial director Tomas Burovas, subscribers will be able to sign up for one of five plans offering one, two, three, five and all packages respectively for €14.90, €19.90, €23.90, €29.90 and €34.90.

Subscribers will be able to change their line up each month. Customers who take the one, two and three-package plans will also receive internet access at speeds of up to 300Mbps, while the higher-tier plans will receive 600Mbps as well as access to video-on-demand and other interactive services.

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