Mauritania bouquet launches on Arabsat

ArabsatA bouquet of channels for Mauritania has been launched on the Arabsat satellite platform. The raft of channels on the Arabsat Badr-4 satellite will enable Mauritanian viewers in Europe and elsewhere in the EMEA region to access channels from the country.

Arabsat has carried Mauritanian channels on its platform for a number of years, but the launch of the bouquet on the Badr-4 satellite will enable viewers in Europe in particular to receive services that have hitherto been unavailable to them.

We are delighted to launch the package of Mauritanian channels -exclusively- on Arabsat Badr-4,” said Mohamed Dieh Sidaty, general director of the Mauritanian broadcasting organisation.

“We have a keen interest to ensure the proper delivery of the Mauritanian channels to all its viewers across Europe and the Arab world, whom are always following news and media content from their home country, noting also the remarkable growth in the value proportions of Arabsat TV broadcasting hotspot at 26° East.”

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