Euskaltel boosts TV offering

EuskaltelSpanish regional cable operator Euskaltel has boosted its local channels offering by adding DOTB – Durangaldeko Telebista to its programming line-up – the latest in a series of moves designed to enhance the attractiveness of its TV offering.

The Basque Country operator will air the new service on channel 996 of its guide.

The addition of DOTB – Durangaldeko Telebista, which airs a mix of entertainment, documentary and magazine programming 15 hours a day, takes the number of local channels offered by Euskaltel to 15.

Euskaltel has also added new advanced features to its TV offering, introducing startover and pause live TV functionality as part of its Edonon multiscreen offering.

Euskaltel has also recently added two à la carte services, Canal de Estrenos de Cine and Canal de Series, aimed at movie and TV series fans respectively.

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