SES’s TV channel count grows 11.3% in 2015

SES astra uplink antennaSatellite operator SES transmitted a record 7,268 TV stations at the end of 2015, after growing its channel count by 11.3% over the course of last year.

SES attributed the gains to the continued introduction of new High Definition (HD) channels across Europe and North America, and the further expansion of SES’s Video business across emerging markets.

The company said that the number of HDTV channels served by SES’s fleet of satellites grew by 18% to 2,230 channels, representing 31% of the total number of TV channels it broadcasts.

The number TV channels served in Europe increased by 9% to nearly 2,600 channels, while the total channels in North America was unchanged at about 1,800 channels, according to SES.

In emerging markets like Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa the company said that it now carries close to 2,900 TV channels, representing year-on-year growth of 25%.

“With more TV channels than ever before, this confirms SES’s leading role as a TV broadcasting infrastructure and driver of global digitisation, as well as emphasising the essential role of satellite for video distribution,” said Ferdinand Kayser, chief commercial officer of SES.

“SES is exceptionally well placed to leverage major growth opportunities, especially in new and emerging markets. Our current launch programme is a dynamic engine for this future growth, delivering a 21% increase in capacity in the emerging markets by the end of 2017.

“With more and more channels being broadcast in HD quality, and broadcasters entering the era of Ultra HD, 2016 and beyond will see continued growth and accelerated development for SES’s video segment.”

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