Spacecom’s Amos-5 satellite still lost in space

AMOS-uplink1Spacecom is still trying to re-establish contact with Amos-5 after losing “all communications and signals” with the satellite over the weekend.

A spokesperson for the company said that as of yesterday afternoon connection has not been re-established and that “neither Spacecom nor its partners have found an explanation for the outage.”

“They have pored over the telemetry data and other data and nothing has shown up – no reason for the anomaly has been found,” said the Spacecom spokesperson.

The satellite operator is currently working with its customers so that they can still meet their broadcast, broadband and communications requirements – either via Spacecom or rivals’ satellite capacity.

Launched in 2011, the Amos-5 satellite offers direct-to-home TV, VSAT communications and broadband and other services to Africa. The satellite features a fixed pan-African C-band beam and three steerable Ku-band beams — all covering Africa with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East.

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