SMPTE publishes HDR report

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has announced the publication of a study-group report on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.

SMPTE announced the report at its Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition and said that the work of 170 international experts aims to summarise discussions about the implementation of HDR and address key questions about the technology.

“HDR is a rapidly emerging and much-debated technology with the capacity to make a greater impact on viewer experience than can higher-resolution formats,” said Alan Lambshead, vice president of standards for SMPTE.

“Recognising the remarkable potential of HDR and the media industry’s growing interest in this technology, SMPTE created an HDR ecosystem study group and — within just 12 months — delivered a valuable consensus report on implementation of HDR and the creation of efficient HDR workflows.”

Click here to download the report.

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