GS Group launches new HD set-top box

GS B212

GS B212

Russian technology provider GS Group has launched a new mid-price, digital HD set-top box.

The GS B212 will join the range of GS Group set-top boxes that also includes the popular GS U510, which it released in 2013, and includes a conditional access module for satellite TV.

GS Group, which provides se-tops for market-leading Russian pay TV operator Tricolor TV, said that the GS B212 is only available for new subscriptions and is not included in the trade-in program operated by GS Group and Tricolor TV.

“In today’s economic environment, we strive to offer high-quality affordable digital devices to the market. Our new set-top box in the mid-price segment is fully equipped to display HD television. This will help us engaging even more viewers to the HDTV experience”, said director for strategic marketing of GS Group, Andrew Bezrukov.

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