‘Quintuple-play’ growth drive Portuguese multi-play market

AnacomRGBAThe number of multi-play packages taken by Portuguese consumers reached 3.1 million at the end of June, up 2.6% on the previous quarter and 12.7% year-on-year, with take up of ‘quintuple-play’ packages growing fastest, according to local regulator Anacom.

According to the regulator’s calculations, the number of quintuple play packages – defined as packages including fixed phone, fixed broadband, pay TV, mobile phone and internet, and modem-based mobile broadband – grew by 5.5% in the quarter and by 99% year-on-year

According to Anacom, triple-play packages, accounting for 42.5% of all multi-play packages, declined by 0.9% in the quarter and by 14% year-on-year as subscribers upgraded to offers including mobile.

Growth of quad-play packages – defined by Anacom as those including mobile phone and internet but excluding modem-delivered mobile broadband, sell for around €50 a month, accelerated during the second half of last year and have now been supplemented by the bundling of additional broadband services, according to the regulator.

Triple-play packages account for about 1.3 million subscribers, while quintuple-play services account for 1.1 million, with double-play pay TV and landline phone services accounting for 336,000 subscribers.

Altice Group/Portugal Telecom had a 51.4% share of the bundled product market by revenue at the end of the second quarter, followed by Nos with a 32.2% share. Altice also led in terms of multi-play subscribers, with a 48.8% share, followed by Nos with 38.8% and Vodafone with 12.4%. Altice led in the double-, triple and quintuple-play categories, while Nos led in the quad-play category.

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