LBC claims victory in Bin Talal lawsuit

The international arm of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation has claimed victory in its legal dispute with Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal.

LBCI has won back rights to the LBC Europe, LBC America, LBC Australia, LBC Africa and LBC Maghreb channel brands, for which they must pay US$1 (€0.90), and Bin Talal will also face a bill for expenses, after losing the case, which was heard by a French court.

The long-running dispute harks back to Bin Talal’s Rotana group taking a stake in LBC in the early 2000s. Lawsuits relating to production fees and company ownership followed, and a ruling in the LBCI case was issued last Thursday (August 6).

It detailed how the LBCI channels in Europe, the US and Australia and Maghreb region had ceased following the dispute between LBCI founders and Bin Talal’s Rotana.

The legal ruling stipulated that all LBCI trademarks and related branding will revert to the company founders.

“The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) won on Thursday a lawsuit it filed before the French judiciary whereby it was able to recover channels hacked by Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal,” the broadcaster said in a statement. “As per the French court’s decision, the Lebanese TV station regained possession of LBC Europe, LBC America, LBC Australia, LBC Africa and LBC Maghreb.”

 The statement added: “The court’s decision stipulated that Bin Talal shall waiver his alleged right to the said channels and give them back to LBCI, but also be responsible for all fees and expenses of the lawsuit he lost.”

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