Stofa signs deal with Aalborg community antenna association

gvdDanish cable operator Stofa has struck a strategic cooperation pact with community antenna systems association Gug-Visse-Dall Antenneforening (GVD) whereby Stofa will provide broadband and TV services to GVD members.

GVD will continue to own its own infrastructure, but Stofa will be responsible for the operation of broadband digital services to the association’s members.

GVD had earlier tried to develop a future-looking platform by merging the three community antenna systems in its home city of Aalborg in northern Jutland under the name CityNet. However, the association’s management decided that an agreement with a strategic partners would be necessary to provide advanced broadband and TV services to its members.

Under the five-year agreement, Stofa will enable GVT to deliver a rang of advanced services including high-speed broadband of up to 300Mbps and TV everywhere.

GVD has about 7,500 members of which 4,700 take broadband services from the association.

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