Icflix goes global with NetRange partnership

icflixMiddle Eastern video-on-demand service Icflix will be available to global audiences thanks to a deal with white label smart TV portal provider NetRange.

Through the deal, Icflix will be available on white label portals exclusively operated by NetRange – reaching people from the Arabic region living in countries such as France, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia.

Iciflix’s Arabic (Jazzwood) content will be available globally, as will its Bollywood content – with the exception of Bollywood movies in India. Icflix’s Hollywood movie lineup will be available to viewers in the Middle East and North Africa region.

“The partnership with NetRange will introduce Icflix to a global audience to showcase the largest Jazwood collection available online alongside Hollywood and Bollywood content, where customers will have access to classic gems and blockbusters,” said Icflix founder and CEO, Carlos Tibi.

Jan Wendt, CEO of NetRange, said: “Icflix has a fantastic on demand content portfolio for the Indian and Arabic communities. Together we can approach this enormous target group, which clearly shows the potential and value of the partnership.”

NetRange provides white label, smart TV and OTT ecosystems for TV and set-top box makers like Sharp, Hisense, Loewe, Changhong, TCL, Thomson and Skyworth. Its white label smart TV app store makes content available for TV users in more than 100 countries around the world.

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