SES unveils flat Sat>IP antenna from Korea’s I DO IT

Selfsat by I DO IT

Selfsat by I DO IT

Satellite operator SES has publicly unveiled what it describes as the first commercially manufactured Ku-band flat antenna with an integrated IP LNB compatible with the SES-promoted Sat>IP protocol at its Industry Days event in Luxembourg.

The Selfsat>IP from Korea’s I DO IT is a 566x300mm flat antenna that can enable the distribution of live HD and UHD satellite broadcasting through an in-home WiFi network and can serve up to eight different displays such as smartphone, TV, table PC, laptop or computer simultaneously, according to SES. Versions with an integrated WiFi router are also available for the camping market. According to SES, the antenna, which will be made available in Europe soon, can be installed in locations such as apartment blocks in cities where standard parabolic antennas may not be suitable.

The antenna incorporates two legacy coaxial outputs in addition to its IP output, meaning that it can also be connected to existing satellite receivers.

“For several years I DO IT has pioneered the development and mass production of high performance consumer Ku-band flat antennas for worldwide markets,” said Seung Joon IM, CEO at I DO IT. “Thanks to the collaboration with SES, we are now able to integrate the SAT>IP technology into our antennas. This enables live satellite television distribution via WiFi to tablets and smartphones, an important product feature especially for the camping market.”

Thomas Wrede, Vice President, Reception Systems at SES, said: “Today over 40 manufacturers are developing products that are compatible with the SAT>IP standard and we are very pleased to support I DO IT in their endeavours. These developments were strongly driven and supported by the annual SES Industry Days and would not have been possible without joint industry efforts. We continue to leverage the advantages that satellite communications offer, shaping our industry and creating a high performance, sustainable ecosystem.”

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