Telenor launches Thor 7 satellite

Telenor's Fornebu HQ

Telenor’s Fornebu HQ

Telenor Satellite Broadcasting successfully launched its new Thor 7 satellite from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana yesterday.

The satellite launched on board an Ariane 5 launcher and passed into geostationary transfer orbit where it will now undergo in-orbit testing.

The satellite is due to start delivering DTH services in six weeks, with its high-throughput satellite (HTS) Ka-band services to be ready for full commercial service in the fourth quarter.

“From its 1° West location, the Thor 7 satellite will provide growth capacity for DTH services across Central and Eastern Europe and deliver optimal satellite coverage across Europe’s business shipping lanes for the provision of maritime VSAT services,” said Telenor Satellite Broadcasting CEO, Morten Tengs.

The satellite has both a Ku-band and a HTS Ka-band payload. The Ku-band payload will deliver TV services in Central and Eastern Europe and the HTS Ka-band payload has been designed for the mobility VSAT market.

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