Belarus provides update on switchover

Belarus is on track to meet its digital switchover date of May 15 and DVB-T coverage now extends to 98.1% of the country, according to telco Beltelecom.

Providing an update at a press event in Minsk involving government ministries as well as the telecom provider, Beltelecom deputy CEO for technology Vadim Shaybakov told journalists that expanding the coverage of the DVB-T2 network launched in October 2013 was mnow a priority. Belegelecom expects to reach between 80-90% of the country by the end of this year, installing 70 additional DVB-T2 transmitters on top of the 95 established by the end of December.

As of January 1, DVB-T2-based commercial broadcastign covered 40% of the country’s territory and had 46,000 subscribers, according to Beltelecom. The company’s Zala TV platform currently offers a basic package of 26 channels.

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