Numericable-SFR launches download-to-own store

numericable video storeFrench operator Numericable-SFR has launched its download-to-own store, VideoStore by Numericable, giving users access to a library of about 120 films at launch.

Numericable-SFR has signed deals with five Hollywood studios to secure content for the service.

Prices for movies begin at €5.99. Highlights include Luc Besson’s new science-fiction movie Lucy, which is available for €13.99.

Unlike the rival service from Orange, which allows users to purchase and stream films via their Livebox devices to the TV, the Numericable-SFR service allows viewers to download movies direct to their box as well as via PC, smartphone or tablet.

The operator has signed deals with 20th Century Fox, FranceTV Distribution, Gaumont, DreamWorks Animation, Disney and Disney Pixar for the service.

The download-to-own service is currently available via Numericable’s La Box Fibre device to about 400,000 subscribers, but the operator plans to make it available to SFR subscribers soon.

Once purchased, movies are stored in the cloud for viewing across multiple devices. Titles can be purchased on tablets or smartphones via Numericable’s own website.

Titles available at launch include Planet of the Apes, Rio, Ice Age X-Men, 12 Years a Slave, Jimmy’s Hall, Belle et Sébastien, Avis de Mistral, The Snow Queen and Iron Man 3.

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