Eutelsat announces Quantum satellites

Eutelsat has launched a programme that will let its clients actively define the performance and flexibility they need from a satellite. 

The software-defined ‘Eutelsat Quantum’ class of satellites will set “new standards in terms of coverage, bandwidth, power and frequency configurability” for users operating in government, mobility and data markets, according to Eutelsat.

“The new design will represent a first in the commercial satellite industry by enabling the complete electronic synthesis of ‘receive’ and ‘transmit’ coverages in the Ku-band, including on-board jamming detection and mitigation. It will give customers access to premium capacity through footprint shaping and steering, power (Mbps) and frequency band pairing that they will be able to actively define,” said Eutelsat.

It added that, by adapting dynamically to all frequency bands in each ITU region, Eutelsat Quantum satellites will also be the first generation of universal satellites to be able to serve any region of the world.


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