TDC to provide services over energy company’s fibre net

TDCDanish telco TDC has signed an agreement with Energy group TRE to provide its services over the TREFOR fibre network in the Triangle region of southern Jutland and western Funen. 

According to TDC, the deal marks is the first time it has struck such an agreement with an energy company the the first time the group has been able to provide its services over fibre networks owned by a third party.

TRE will continue to own and build out the fibre network. The deal will give TDC access to an additional 95,000 homes and businesses. The operator will offer TV, broadband and telephony services over the TREFOR fibre network, while TRE will continue to sell its own services, enabling users to choose between the two service providers.

The 35,000 existing TREFOR customers will continue to take their services from TRE, but the broadband connection will technically be provided by TDC.