Swisscom makes TV 2.0 available on all packages

Swisscom has made its TV 2.0 experience, initially launched this spring, available in all packages by adding the Vivo light, XS and S packages to its Vivo range.

Swisscom said that 130,000 users had signed up for its TV 2.0 offering in the five months since it was launched and that surveys showed the choice on offer and enhanced options including cloud-based recordings and seven-day catch-up are the features that are most valued by customers. The figure shows strong growth of the offering since June, when the Swiss telco reported 77,000 TV 2.0 custtomers.

According to Swisscom, customers with a Vivo 2 or Vivo 3 package can now benefit from upgrading to Vivo XS or S, as they will receive more channels and options for the same price.

Customers who don’t wish to sign up for a catch-up service can opt for a TV 2.0 light offering, which features about 85 channels includincg 40 in HD.

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