Taiwan’s Chunghwa taps Broadpeak for 4K VoD trial

broadpeakTaiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom has contracted content delivery network technology provider Broadpeak to provide CDN gear for a trial project for a new 4K HEVC streaming service. 

Chunghwa Telecom is delivering 4K VoD and NVoD content to a wide range of devices using Broadpeak’s server and CDN manager solutions that support the HEVC compression standard and set-top boxes.

Using Broadpeak’s server and CDN management technologies and HwaCom set-top boxes, Chunghwa Telecom can support two modes for HEVC delivery. VoD content is targeted to be delivered via unicast transfer method and NVoD through multicast.

“Streaming video content with a 4K resolution takes up a lot of data. Leveraging the HEVC standard, we’re able to efficiently compress 4K content without losing any of the video quality, making it easier and more affordable to store and transmit,” said JH Lin, deputy director, Multimedia Division, Chunghwa Telecom.

“We chose Broadpeak as our server and CDN manager solutions provider based on their extensive expertise in video delivery, innovative approach to technology in terms of supporting next-generation formats and standards like 4K and HEVC, and flexibility, which enables a quick deployment.”

Broadpeak and HwaCom will demonstrate the solution at IBC2014 at HwaCom’s stand at the forthcoming IBC show in Amsterdam.

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