thePlatform extends BT support to YouView+ boxes

BT's YouView box

BT’s YouView box

Comcast-owned online video platform specialist thePlatform has signed an expanded agreement with BT that will see its mpx system serve and the cloud-based central video publishing system for BT TV as well as supporting other video-related initiatives. 

ThePlatform previously served as the the back-end video management system for BT’s IP-based TV services. The new agreement will see the group continue to perform that function for BT’s new YouView+ box, with the cloud service hosted via thePlatform’s European data-centre.

Mpx provides workflow management of video ingest, metadata management, data coordination with recommendations engines, subscriber management, viewing rights enforcement and automated video publishing to set-top boxes for BT.

“At BT, we’re committed to bringing UK subscribers an exceptional in-home video experience, and thePlatform plays a critical role behind-the-scenes to make that happen,” said Greg McCall, chief operating officer for television and content at BT.

“By expanding our relationship with thePlatform, we are leveraging their locally hosted infrastructure and secure cloud-based software to give us the speed, flexibility and scalability required to meet our evolving needs.”

Separately, thePlatform has struck a new strategic alliance with US telco Verizon’s digital media services unit, whereby the pair have integrated their technology platforms and will sell a joint solution.

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