Sky makes ethnic minority pledge

Sky logoSky has announced a string of measures, designed to better represent black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) viewers across its entertainment channels. 

Sky said that all of its original programmes will have someone with a BAME background in “at least one senior production role” and that 20% of writers on all shows will be from BAME backgrounds in order to “promote a greater diversity of voices in Sky programmes and scripts.”

New shows on Sky’s entertainment channels will also feature people from BAME backgrounds in “at least 20% of significant on-screen roles.”

“Sky is dedicated to making programmes that feel representative of every one of the millions of viewers that watch our content every day, whatever their colour. So we have tackled the issue with the same sense of ambition that we show in all other areas of our business, setting ourselves a set of tangible goals that will hold us to account,” said Stuart Murphy, Sky’s director of entertainment.

“Our aim is to kick start a sea change in the on screen representation of ethnic minorities on British television. It’s an incredibly exciting time, and I am very proud that Sky is going to be at the forefront.”

Sky said the targets are designed to make sure that programmes on Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky Arts better reflect the diversity of Sky’s 10.7 million TV customers in Britain and Ireland.

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