Hungarian DTT offering to expand in October

MinDigTV Extra keretThe launch of two additional multiplexes – D and E – on October 1 will see the number of channels available on the country’s digital-terrestrial platform rise to 55, with 13 new channels to be added to pay TV service MinDig TV Extra’s Standard and Family packages.

According to transmission services provider Antenna Hungária, which operates MinDig TV Extra, free to air channels M1, M2, Duna, Duna World, RTL Klub, TV2, Euronews and C8 will be supplemented by a basic package comprising ATV, AXN, Cool, D1, DIGI Sport 1, Disney, Dorcel TV, FEM3, Film+, Hatoscsatorna, Hír TV, PAX TV, RTL II, Sláger TV, Spektrum and Super TV2, while the family package will comprise Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Da Vinci Learning, Discovery Channel, TLC, Echo TV, Filmbox Basic, FOX, M3 Anno, Minimax, Muzsika TV, NatGeo, Paramount Channel, RTL+, Sport 1, Sport 2, TV Paprika, Viasat3, Viasat6 and Viasat History.

Other packages will include sports, documentary, Filmbox movie channels and HBO’s channel as a standalone offering.

The new channels will reach the same 99% population coverage as existing services.

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