Deutsche Telekom sees TV growth across Europe

deutsche telekom-logo-roofDeutsche Telekom had 2.318 million TV subscribers in Germany and 3.619 million in the rest of Europe at the end of June, up 63,000 and 61,000 respectively.

In Germany, revenue from TV services amounted to €259 million – up from €251 million in previous quarter – of the company’s total of €1.802 billion, down 2.9% on the previous quarter.

In Europe outside of Germany, the operator grew its TV base by 3.3%, with the majority of net additions being satellite customers in Greece and IPTV subscribers in Hungary.

Deutsche Telekom had 296,000 TV subs in Greece, up 69% year-on-year, 1.384 million subs in Romania, up 6.8%, 905,000 in Hungary, up 6.2%, 28,000 in the Czech Republic, up 7.7%, 394,000 in Croatia, up 5.3% and 455,000 in Slovakia.

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