Beamly adds Android TV support

Beamly-Android-TV-shot-2-smallBeamly, the social TV service that was recently rebranded from Zeebox, is introducing Android TV support, offering device makers an “end-to-end solution for Android-powered TVs and set top boxes.”

The move makes Beamly’s TV solution – which includes a personalised TV guide, content discovery, content recommendation, remote control, personalised news feeds, community and show engagement platform – available on the first screen.

“We’ve always seen the future as being not about the first screen or the second screen, but a two-way connection between the device in your hand where you browse and interact with TV shows, and the big screen where you watch those shows” said Beamly co-founder and chief technology officer, Anthony Rose.

Beamly said that by integrating its Android TV application into their devices, electronics manufacturers will be able to provide a “complete TV solution”, where the user can browse for shows on their phone or on the TV.

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